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  • 1 simple menu
  • mailing up to 100 people per day
  • Adding a cash register and 1 product
  • there is an advertisement for the service
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  • 1 simple menu
  • 2 auto answers and 2 commands
  • mailing up to 500 people
  • Adding a cash register and 2 products
  • no ads for the service.
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  • 20 menu level
  • 20 auto answers and 20 commands
  • Sending up to 5000 people / day in each bot
  • Adding a cash register and 20 products
  • Targeted mailings
  • There are advanced support features
  • You can download the user base
  • Deeplinks, utl-links
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  • Unlimited menu level
  • Unlimited answers and commands
  • Mailings of any size
  • Cash register and any number of products
  • Targeted mailings
  • Any number of administrators and employees
  • All functions are available without restrictions: checking subscriptions, deep links, utm tags, etc.
  • Advanced Support: Quick Replies, Quick Actions, Permissions and more
  • You can download the user base
  • There is no advertising for the service.
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